Four Advantages of Installing a Walk-in Tub

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Four Advantages of Installing a Walk-In Tub

Walk-in tubs are a go-to choice for Wisconsin residents who would like to age in place or have limited mobility. With their ergonomic set-up and optional safety features like low threshold steps and grab bars, walk-in tubs are user-friendly and safe for everybody. On top of that, walk-in baths also create a zen-like ambiance with features like hydro jets and contoured seating. If you are preparing to age in place or suffer from back or neck issues, then you should consider the variety of benefits offered by walk-in bathtubs.

1. Spa-like enjoyment

Mainstream units aren’t ideal for taking luxurious soaks because they’re actually quite shallow. Most units are a maximum of fourteen inches deep. You have to lie back to feel comfortable! You’ll be relieved to learn that walk-in units are significantly deeper and can carry up to four feet of suds and bubbles. What a big difference! 

Standard tubs also feature a sheer step that becomes problematic and even dangerous as we age. Luckily, walk-in bathtubs have a door that homeowners can comfortably step into. And to reduce the potential of spills, the door is locked while the unit is being used. To maximize your comfort while the unit fills with water, you can always add a heated seat! 

2. Greater safety 

Walk-in bathtubs were created with safety as the #1 priority. These tubs offer an array of features to cut down on hazardous trips while washing. A sample of these features are: 

  • Built-in grab bars
  • Low step thresholds
  • Scald prevention valves

Scald prevention is a popular feature of Wisconsin walk-in tubs. The valve greatly reduces the chances of the water coming out too hot. While the water might be fairly brisk for a few minutes, a heated seat should help you feel warm while you wait! 

3. Positive side effects on health 

Many Wisconsin residents use their walk-in baths for hydrotherapy. Water jets are located in strategic places within the unit to achieve a massage-like sensation for your weary and achy muscles. And if you opt not to activate the water jets, soaking in warm water is still extremely valuable for healing common aches and pains. 

4. A plethora of styles to select from 

Every person is unique, which is why walk-in units are highly customizable. Walk-in tubs are built in a range of different sizes — certain models can even fit two people side-by-side!

Installing your new walk-in tub

When the time has come to add a walk-in bathtub, we advise meeting with a credible bath renovation specialist in Wisconsin. The contractor will arrive at your house to: 

  • Properly take measurements of your bathroom
  • Suggest several different walk-in bathtub options
  • Outline the unique features of each one
  • Talk through the installation procedure so you know how to prepare for installation day

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